Luxury Micro Bikini

luxury micro bikini

Synthetic fibers have come a long way in helping a luxury micro bikini feel much more comfortable and, well, luxurious.  Elastic and resilient materials are widely used in swimwear as they allow the suit to stay to not only stay in place, but stand up to and last against chlorine and salt water environments.  It’s not just the special fabric that makes a luxury micro bikini what it is though.  These teeny tiny styles, though scant with the amount of coverage provided, are sometimes designed with exquisite and eye-catching trims to help them stand out against the crowd even more.  The extra detailing helps to give the suit a boost and also a high end look.  Of course, these added effects are purely optional but one thing is for certain: you’ll be showing off a lot more skin in the micro bikini.

If you do not know of a local boutique that sells luxury micro bikinis, there’s always the option of buying online. Luckily I’ve found the perfect place that has a ton of styles and colors that are sure to fit everyones needs. Check out TeenyB Bikini Couture, they sell their bikinis exclusively through their site and the quality and fit of their products are amazing.

Something new that’s also becoming popular in the world of swimwear is the use of mesh fabric instead of the usual spandex material.  This thin and lightweight material is usually sheer and even more so when it gets wet, so if you want all eyes to be on you when you step out from the water, having a bikini made of mesh fabric is definitely the right choice.  Prints and patterns printed on mesh material won’t be as see-through as solid colors.  Solid white, of course, will be the most sheer so if that’s the look you’re going for, then white mesh is the way to go.  If you do opt for the mesh bikini, do take care to wear more sunscreen.  Since it is a fine, thin material, more sunlight is likely to get through to your skin, so if you want to avoid getting burned in all the wrong places, remember to wear sunscreen all over and apply often.

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