Extreme Micro Bikinis

Extreme micro bikinis, as the name suggests, are styles of the micro bikini that push the limits of legality even more.  Yes, the micro bikini can get smaller and it has!  These very teeny tiny bikinis are very revealing and certainly not for the shy and conservative.  The tops are usually of the triangle variety and are made of small patches of triangular fabric while the rest is made up of string.  The bottoms are extremely minimal with the amount of fabric available to cover the front.  Like the top, the rest of it is made up up straps and strings with, most notably, a g-string in the back.  There are variations of extreme micro bikinis certainly, but one thing is for sure: they all use very little amounts of fabric.

The bikini was first unveiled over fifty years ago, and since then, the two-piece swimwear has become a staple to have and wear during the summer months.  But it wasn’t always a popular bathing suit.  Back when it was first introduce, men and women were shocked by how scandalous the bikini was.  In fact, it was so unladylike that the inventor couldn’t get any models to wear it – he ended up hiring a nude dancer to do the wearing.  As with all types of evolution, the bikini just needed time and sure enough, women eventually started to embrace the skimpy little bikinis.  Fast forward to present day, the bikini is receiving all kinds of popularity.  High end designers are incorporating swimwear lines into their collection and there are even glamorous fashion weeks dedicated just to swimwear.  Undoubtedly, the bikini has come a long way since first being introduced in the 1940s.  Numerous looks and styles have been designed since then and certainly many more will continue to come.